So… What is this all about? and more importantly Why?

Winter can be a depressing time of the year. Not just because it’s cold, but because lack of going outdoors and getting Vitamin D, better know as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SADS).

NZBMA believes we as a community can get this charity rowing event (on rowing machines) going!  With a heavy focus on helping educate to build awareness for young people with depression and assist with their mental health particularly those within the community for ‘Purapura Whetu‘ who is a charity that focuses on Maori Youth and Mental Health. Together we can build a strong local collective business and praise some amazing people.

September is the mark on the sand that confirms the days are getting longer.  With that in mind, training over the colder months for an event sounds awesome! Participants will have a great chance and opportunity to interact, train and banter together. Gyms can have some fun with their members an mix their training up. Businesses can use this event for team building, and individuals who don’t play nice with others can be apart of an event without having a team mind-frame. 

It is ultimately a competition, with the goal to win one of the 4 categories, you will also win the bragging rights for summer! Rowing a ‘marathon’ distance which is 42.2km sounds like a lot, because it is. So this means a lot of training, a lot of ass to seat, and continuously working on your technique, all needs to be had. 

The Events:




For the Challenger

You are the person who enjoys challenges! You want to throw yourself head deep and go the distance. We applaud your efforts

"2-0 DUO"


For the Rivals

You are the person who has a best friend, or a strong compeitive work colleague and keen to beat their time while completing a decent half marathon


"Oar-some Foursome"


For the Companions

You are the groups of friends, family or even workers that get along, love to banter and ultimately want to do good. A solid 10km makes you know youve done a good days work.

"Octavian Delight"


For the Charity Workers

You are the group that just wants to have fun. You understand this is for a great cause and you want to show your support. Rasing funds comes naturally and doing a 5km helps you sleep at night.


Hagley North Park


Saturday 7th September 2019


We are the small team behind this event.  The main business group behind NZBMA, a preventative Healthcare provider, we want to help those around us.  Running this event is a great chance to help a great charity.